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Hey everyone! What a crazy fast month! I can not believe it is over halfway finished. I have been so thankful for the warm weather this past week and it has made me very impatient for spring and summer. I hope you are all able to enjoy the warm sunshine where ever you are too!

 I just wanted to give you all an update on what is going here at TreeHouse. Yesterday I spent some time with a 10th grader. My plan was to pick him up in my car, go through the car wash, grab some ice cream, and then hang out at TreeHouse to talk and just relax. Well, I picked him up and we went down the street to a gas station with a car wash. I purchased the car wash and we drive around the building to wait in line. There were only 2 cars waiting in front of us so I figured we’d just hang out and wait the 10-12 minutes I assumed it would take before it was our turn. To make a long story short, we ended up waiting over 25 minutes in line before we could even enter the car wash!!! It was exactly 32 minutes from the time I paid for the car wash until the time we exited the car wash to head back to TreeHouse!!!!! At that point we didn’t have time to hang out because we needed to get ready to pick some other kids up for program night. It’s a good thing the boy I was with is really relaxed and doesn’t have high expectations!!!! He just sat in the car and talked about his video games, his dad, music, school, spring break, and all kinds of other random things. It actually ended up being a really good time of hanging out in the car because we couldn’t go anywhere, we weren’t distracted by other people, and he didn’t act like he hated the whole thing!

Earlier today I was talking with another staff member here who has also spent time with this boy and he said that boy just wants to know/feel that someone cares about him. It doesn’t really matter what you do, as long as you are doing it together. Knowing that and thinking about our conversations while we waited in the car I have to concede that God was totally in control of that whole situation. Sometimes I get so caught up in planning things for us to do that I do not always leave quite, unscheduled time to just relax and talk. I am so thankful now for the LONG car wash and the time I was able to spend in a relaxing, no schedule setting. I know there is value in planning and scheduling but sometimes we get so tied to those plans that we do not follow God’s call to “Be still and know that I am GOD.” (Ps. 46:10) I want to encourage you all to take time today to do just that. Take a few minutes and have a “Car Wash Conversation” with God. No distractions, not people, just you and Him.

Well, I hope you all have a great weekend! I have some house chores to do this weekend as well as PLENTY of basketball to watch (you gotta love March Madness!!!) so hopefully I’ll able to do both!Â

If anyone has any questions or needs for info about something please let me know! Have a great day!

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